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August/September 2014 – Fifth APSN Plenary Meeting (Please check back for updated information on this event)

September 2014 – APSN Regional Inspections workshop on the “Fundamentals of Inspection” (Please check back for updated information on this event)

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Photo by Gunawan Kartapranata
Photograph by Gunawan Kartapranata

Message from Dr Robert Floyd, APSN Chair

The Asia-Pacific Safeguards Network (APSN) is an important initiative of the Asia-Pacific region that reflects the commitment of the community of safeguards authorities in the region to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy underpinned by effective safeguards implementation. more

What is International Safeguards?

The Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) requires its signatories to implement safeguards to ensure that nuclear technology is only used for peaceful purposes. more

The Challenge

Considerable human and technological capacity is required on part of State safeguards authorities to be able to effectively implement their safeguards obligations. more

APSN Survey: Report of Findings

In effort to prioritize its activities, APSN carried out two surveys to obtain a better understanding of safeguards needs in the region and to establish a baseline of available training capabilities. more